Saturday, March 15, 2014

Half Squared, baby quilt

A while back ago I purchased some beautiful vintage looking fabric. It reminded me of something that my Grandma would have used back in the 50's. I just love fabric like that, don't you? Anyway I originally was going to make a table runner, but in the end I decide on a baby quilt.

I kept the design simple, using half squared triangle's in groups of four. Then added a simple blocked border. I really enjoyed making this little quilt. It was actually really fun to do all those squares. I have a love hate relationship with half squared triangles. I love them but they are a pain to make. All that trimming, but I do love the starch and ironing part.

 So far I'm happy with how it turned out. Now onto the quilting. I've been working on my free motion quilting, I just don't know if I brave enough to do it on an actually quilt. Even a baby quilt. I'll probably just stitch in the ditch.

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  1. What a beautiful finish!!! I just love it.

    By the way, I'm offering a giveaway if you would like a chance...

  2. Pretty finish! I love your fabric choices. I know how you feel about trying FMQing for the first time. When I started, I only did the borders. Easy to get to. Then I ventured into the rest of the quilt. Good luck :)

  3. Such a pretty baby quilt. I had a hard time using FMQ the first time, too. I like to practice on whole cloth quilts to get used to something larger. And I like practicing on table runners too, because they are smaller. Have fun!

  4. This is such an adorable quilt and I do love those pastel prints. What a lot of work those hst's are, but soooo worth it! If you are nervous about jumping in with fmq on this one, how about quilting with your walking foot along the diagonal of the hst's? That would look fabulous!

  5. This is gorgeous. I love HST's and vintage, so this quilt is right up my alley! New follower!

  6. Such a cute quilt! I love the color combination and the HSTs.